Boxercise And Kickboxercise

Boxercise is boxing modified for safety, fun and fitness with no sparring involved. We are hitting pads
and wavemasters with gloves on whilst exercising. We strike using our hands, elbows, knees and feet.
You will be safely coached through all the skills needed.
This is a great stress busting workout suitable for all ages and abilities.
Classes can take a variety of different fun formats.

All classes are small with a maximum of 10 people.
This way I'm able to focus on everyone & teach properly and safely.

Boxercise and Kickboxercise are also available as 1 to 1 Personal Training sessions.

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Children's and Family Boxercise

Children's Boxercise

As Boxercise instructors we are very passionate about trying to increase participation in
fitness through Boxercise – our aim is to help more children, get more active, more often!
It is well documented that for children to participate in fitness or sport within a secure environment
benefits their physical and psychological well being as well as self esteem and confidence.

In the 20 years that Boxercise has been running, the number of children participating in Boxercise,
both in and out of the school environment, has grown exponentially.
To help develop this further Boxercise Head Office have devised the Boxercise Awards scheme,
so that children can achieve specific goals and rewards whilst having fun and being active.

The Boxercise Awards are just one of many formats for teaching Boxercise to children
but we’ve structured this method based on specific lesson plans to make it really simple and fun.
The awards scheme is a progressive programme taking children from basic through to more advanced skills.
The Awards progress from Bronze to Young Leader.

The Bronze Award can be taught from KS1 5 years+ upwards.

There is no sparring or contact between participants in the Boxercise Awards - only focus pads are hit.
The objective is to learn the skills of Boxercise for fitness, not to aim to compete in boxing as a sport.

The Boxercise Awards

The awards are divided into sections.
Bronze, Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
Silver, Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
- Gold
- Young Leader
Each award comprises of 10/12 sessions.

Who Can Teach the Awards?

Boxercise and the Boxercise Awards can ONLY  be delivered by a qualified,
Registered Boxercise Instructor who is qualified and insured to teach Boxercise to children.


Family Boxercise

Family Boxercise gives parents and children the opportunity to exercise together. There is no sparring or contact between participants in the family Boxercise - only focus pads and wavemasters are hit.
You are both taught the Boxercise footwork system, how to hold and use the pads as well as the the first 8 punches. All classes are fun and safe.
Family Boxercise can only be delivered by a Registered Boxercise Instructor who is qualified and insured to teach Boxercise to both adults and children.