My mission is to deliver exceptional results by helping you become more flexible, mobile, Healthier, Slimmer, Stronger and Fitter.

My name is Barney Atkinson. I'm a qualified Personal Trainer, Kettlebell, Purestretch, Metafit, Boxercise (Children and Adults) and First Aider from Tonbridge, Kent.


For many years I struggled to lose weight and get back into shape. My health was going downhill rapidly and the Doctors just kept prescribing more and more medication.

Then I discovered Herbalife Nutrition. Herbalife promotes living a healthy active lifestyle. So I combined the products alongside efficient and effective exercise. The results have completely improved my health, my shape and my asthma has never been so controlled.

This is why I made the decision to change my life and become a Herbalife Distributor, Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer.

I now help other people with similar problems.

Please let me make this VERY clear, you don't have to use Herbalife products to come to our fitness classes. I also don't believe in the hard sell. So you will need to ask me for the information. My whole family use Herbalife Nutrition Products and we HIGHLY recommend them, but it is a recommendation ONLY.

Herbalife products come with support from your individual coach, this is why they are not sold in shops. You should only purchase through Independent Herbalife Distributors like myself.

Use the links to look at the Online Herbalife Brochure or go to our Herbalife page.

So whether you're looking to try our Herbalife Nutrition products, need help with meal plans, toning those problem areas, getting fit, losing weight, training for a mud run or a combination of all the above, please get in touch.

To your success, Barney

MY BEFOREMy Before Collage 600

My After Collage 600

I live in Tonbridge with my gorgeous wife Nikki, our incredible children and our 3 crazy dogs Dell, Mojo and Ella.
I am lucky enough to have 4 amazing children,
Gabriella (Babby), Carmen (Carmi), Max (the Dude) and Evie (Evie Boo).

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