Amanda’s Testimonial – Bootcamps


I've been training with Barney for nearly 4 years, not at the studio, in the open air in Sevenoaks.

After getting over the early morning start, I now enjoy the kick start to my weekend with a great workout, lots of banter and the opportunity to put the world to rights. I'm stronger and fitter by a long way.

Barney tailors exercises to everyone's personal fitness/ health requirements.

Having done no exercise for 8 years when I first started, it was just what I needed.

Pauline’s Testimonial – Classes and PT


Barney is a brilliant Fitness instructor and PT!

He takes into consideration any ailments you might have and works each exercise around them.

The classes can be hard work, well, as hard as the effort you put into them anyway!

They are fun and vary from day to day. 
There's definitely something worth going back for each time, there must be, I've been doing it 6 years now!!

Chloe’s Testimonial – Classes


Excellent classes! Our family have enjoyed Barney's classes over the last 2 years, including our 5 year old who loves Boxercise on a Saturday morning. Fab instructor, would highly recommend!

Jen’s Testimonial – Classes


Highly recommend Barney’s classes, you get to work with a knowledgeable instructor who knows how to have fun. If your looking for a way to get fit or stay fit then this is for you.

Carly’s Testimonial – classes


Brilliant classes with a very knowledgeable instructor. Great for fitness and enjoyable. Would recommend to everyone who's looking to stay on top of their fitness in a fun, friendly environment.

Shelley’s Testimonial – Classes


I have been doing Barney's classes for over a year now. Barney will always push you to give it your best effort and get the best results. He is a great motivator and these classes are a million times better than going to the gym!

Louise’s Testimonial Classes – All I can say is “thank you”


I started training with Barney nearly two years ago after a long period of no exercise due to pregnancy and long term ill health. I have not looked back since! Classes are fun, friendly and motivating and tailored to all abilities. Since I started I have completed two Mud runs and booked on my third! Not bad for someone who could not even manage one press up when I started! I am fitter, stronger and healthier than I have been in years. All I can say is thank you.

Ann’s Testimonial – Classes


Boxercise class on Thursdays is fantastic. A friendly atmosphere and a good workout.

Gemma’s Testimonial Classes & Herbalife


I have been attending barney's classes and using herbalife for over a year now, the classes are tough (if you want them to be), but a lot of fun and we always have a laugh! Barney's encouragement is fantastic. I've become so much fitter since and always look forward to a Thursday evening and seeing results. I have lost 2 dress sizes so far, still more to go! Barney never pushed his nutrition products. After a few weeks I asked him about them. Herbalife Nutrition has now changed my life for the better, my eating habits have improved and I feel amazing with so much more energy!

Nicki’s Testimonial Classes & Herbalife


Barney's classes are amazing! Hard work but also fun. We never do the same class each week so it keeps me motivated. Barney is great if you need any help or advice with fitness and/or healthy eating. He always encourages you to push yourself that little bit harder, without making you feel like you are not doing it properly. I went through a bad patch and Barney still supported me 100% and helped me through it, which I am so grateful for! Thanks Barney!

Georgina’s Testimonial (Classes & Herbalife)


Barney's Bootcamp is hard work, but definitely worth it. I started coming in the run up to my wedding and managed to slim down and get more toned, so that I could wear my dream wedding dress. Now, two years later, I’m still coming each week (even though it is early on a Saturday morning 8.30!) and I feel fitter, healthier and much more motivated to exercise regularly. The small class sizes are great as you get lots of one-on-one help and advice, but it also means you can't slack off! I also overhauled my diet when joining Barney and found Herbalife Nutrition a really easy way to eat more healthily. There was no pressure to sign up and Barney has been great at giving advice. If you want to lose weight, get fit and make friends, Barney's Group Personal Training sessions are definitely the place to come.

Chloe’s Testimonial – “A big Thank You” (Classes & Herbalife)


Cannot thank you enough for all of your commitment, encouragement, support oh and all the butt kickings especially over the past few months. I highly doubt I would have signed up for today's mud run (Major Series - South 5/6k) let alone cross the finish line if it wasn't for you! You have made exercise for me fun and I have never felt fitter or healthier. Thank you once again!

Amy – Making exercise fun definitely helps!!


I do the Saturday morning bootcamp (GPT), which some people think is crazy..but it always makes me feel good for the rest of the weekend! Our sessions get mixed up and change so it's not repetitive, which i like. We always stretch and warm up before and stretch afterwards. As a group we are encouraged throughout and are corrected if need be on exercises. (Which sometimes needs be!). Most importantly it's a lovely group, always guaranteed a laugh. Making exercise fun definitely helps!!