Herbalife 21 Day Challenge


If you think about the different plans you've followed in the past...
maybe slimming clubs, restrictive diets, skipping meals through fasting.

All in all, they can be a lot of effort with little or nothing to show for it, right?

Now imagine being a clothes size smaller and having the tools to keeping the weight off.
No more boring exercise routines, calorie counting, cutting meals or feeling hungry.
In fact, most people will need to eat more!
You will have access to Herbalife products and a proven system designed
to get you killer results which are sustainable!

What you get.

You will get 21 days of coaching and support with your meals.
You will learn the SKILL of correctly balanced healthy eating.

Whether you’re a beginner or someone who is looking to take their fitness to the next level,
we have the right 21 Day Challenge for you.
Samantha Clayton and Olympic Athlete Nile Wilson will be providing you with a workout each day,
helpful nutrition tips and some great motivation to keep you going the entire challenge.

No need to buy a new gym membership or guess what to do for your fitness.
If you are local to us in Hildenborough, Kent you can also join our Herbalife FITClub for just £2 per class.

Being part of a team of like minded people who are all working towards
achieving goals which will keep you on track.

You will also get meal plan + snack ideas to suit YOUR goals.

After the 21 days are up, we hope you will have developed some great new habits.
More importantly we hope you’ll be feeling healthier, happier, and ready to take on more challenges!

You can take part from anywhere in the World... all you need is access to Facebook,
Herbalife nutrition products and to pay your registration fee.

What to do next.

1)   Send me your contact details, so that we can discuss what products will best suit your goal and budget
and how to join the secret group.
2)   Pay your registration using the link below.

Click on the link below to pay your
£5.50 registration fee via Paypal.

How many people would you like to book in: